Sorry, We Are Officially Closed!

If you'd like to contribute to our family and reopening of the store, we are accepting donations. All proceeds will go to hiring, inventory and business growth. Thank you!

Let me share a little bit of our story as to why we are closing.

2020 Was not a good year, but 2021 put me out of business! I was faced with major personal and family issues and my family became my focus...and I had to let Aromas & Accents go! šŸ˜­

You see... I didn't plan, as most don't, for something drastic to happen to me or my family. Well in 2021 it did and it took my progress, dreams, and emotions into a low place they had never been. I have been the most stressed, exhausted, and unfocused as I've ever been in my entire life. I really can't go into much detail as it's my loved ones that would hurt the most and was impacted by some life-changing surprises.

Let me just say this, because of those life experiences, I had to shut down a great path in my life that maybe one day I can start again. Until then, I say goodbye... Dream and prosper well in your life journey and please keep me and my family in your prayers for better days as we do for yours.

šŸ„°Thanks for your support during this time.

Aromas & Accents, Inc.