Are you on any Social Media platforms?

Yes. You can Follow, LIKE and Share us on Facebook and view us on Instagram. Our direct links are located at the bottom of our website.

Can I cancel an order once it has been placed?

Yes. You have 5 hours to cancel an order. Once the item is shipped, the buyer can return the unopened item for a full refund: less shipping charges and 20% restocking fee within 7 days.

Do you ship internationally?

No. Currently, we ship US only via USPS and UPS, but expanding worldwide via the USPS soon. Shipping rates are calculated during the checkout process.

Does this unit heat the oil?

No. There is absolutely no heat getting to the essential oil.

How can I contact your company?

You can email us 24/7 at or call us at (850) 778-1601 M - F 6pm-11pm EST, Saturday 11am - 3pm EST & Closed on Sunday.

How does the USB diffuser work?

This diffuser works by ultrasonic cold mist micro diffusion to keep all of the essential oils properties. It does not create a steady stream of mist like most regular diffusers but 13-20 sec bursts of diffused fragrance. You won't have to worry about your neighbor sitting next to you complaining about the mist in his or her face. This creates a barrier around you at your laptop

Do you have affiliates?

No, we do not.

Is there a Money Back Guarantee or Return Policy?

Yes. If you are of not satisfied with the products performance (diffusers) you can return it or a full refund minus your shipping and also a 20% restocking fee within 7 days of receiving it. Essential Oils can be returned unopened for partial refund minus the 20% restocking fee and return shipping cost.

How long does it take my order to ship once its placed?

If the item or items are in stock they will ship within 24 - 72 hours Monday through Friday. No shipping on the weekends. Some holidays may be extend shipping time.

What is the warranty on your products?

All of our products have a 90 day warranty. This does not cover physical damage caused by misuse. Please contact with additional questions.

What kind of oils can I put in this unit?

You can use any types of fragrance oils. But, we highly recommend only using organic oils that are not too thick in consistency. Castrol Oil is also not suggested.

What payment methods do you offer?

We accept all major credit cards. Payments are via Paypal and verified.